My Roots

The Julia L. Rosengren Biography

    It is a very long journey from the tiny, northern Brazilian town of Timbuaba to the great cities of the world. Julia, as the middle of four children, would, each day, walk the two miles to town to get the two largest jugs of fresh water she could carry. Her loving family's home had no electricity or running water, so Julia was determined that she would get out and make a better future for her family and herself, in that order. There were probably many boys and girls in that little town and the thousands like it that harbored similar dreams, but most would never learn the qualities necessary to carry them out.  Such dreams of destiny were hardly encouraged, even for the always curious Julia. She once asked her teacher where Japan was on a map,  and the teacher replied "It doesn't matter. You will never be able to go there." 


     Years after that exchange, she would find herself making her mark in the highly competitive world of Modeling in Miami, FL. Luckily, Julia thrives in such an environment, and soon, trips to Europe and Japan ensued. She'd done what so many said she couldn't, and in fact, her old teacher recieved a well-deserved postcard direct from Tokyo. It all cemented her conviction that one person should never allow another to set their limits or expectations.  

     Her career continued to expand and she caught the eye of the movie world. She appeared as Teri Hatcher's body-double in the TNT movie 'Running Mates', as well as Kate Beckinsale's in the blockbuster, 'Pearl Harbor'. Less than six years after leaving her homeland, Julia was the international spokes-model for Top Shelf vodka, 'Brilliant'.  Six years, and she'd gone from having no electricity to the bright lights of Las Vegas.

     That wasn't enough for Julia. She had to keep learning and experiencing. She walked away from the glitz and neon glamor of her life in Vegas to immerse herself in the glorious beauty of Tuscany, Italy. There is scarcely a more stark contrast of lifestyle, but at this point in her life, she wanted more than to be a tourist in the countries she visited. She wanted to become part of them, and have them become part of her. With that conviction,  she began her journey with language and became fluent in Italian in less than a year.


     Her old life was not to be so easily left behind, however. An offer came in to host a television talk show in London, and was an opportunity she felt could not be turned down. At the conclusion of the show's season, Julia took a job in Paris as Fashion Consultant for Galeries Lafayette, the celebrated Department Store chain. The job was not thrilling, but Paris was. Staying true to her promise to herself, she learned French... and immersed herself in the culture. 

    She even found time to enroll in Master Chef classes,  and with a true committment to honing her carft, she would soon leave Paris to become an Executive Chef for a high end catering company in the Golden Triangle area of Europe. There, she designed her own menus from her own recipes, and became highly requested and in demand for some of the finest social events.  

True Calling

Though her love for the creation of signature food dishes would never leave her, she, in all her experience, found what would become the driving force in her life: Philanthropy.


     In the past, she was involved in charitable events and donations, such as running half marathons, but what she came to ask herself was 

"Where is this money going, and am I truly making myself available for where help is truly needed?" 
    She began to raise money for causes of her own, almost always benefiting under-privileged children. Her new interests took her back to the United States, as her love of  languages persisted. She enrolled as a student of Russian in the Modern Languages Department at The University of Central Florida. She went from, once again, committing to becoming a part of a culture- this time a University- to actually being able to contribute in a different way. Julia went on to grant a Scholarship for Deserving Students to the  very department in which she had been educated herself. Her spoken and written tongues now consist of Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Catalan, Danish , she is truly the standard bearer for any language department.


     She now continues to oversee more than a dozen major philanthropic projects, one of which recently brought her back in front of the camera. is a 501c3 that makes feature films to highlight social issues, and gives back to the communities profiled in them.

     When a powerful Mexican cartel leader was needed for a film about trafficking, she was happy to accept the part- The film 'Cult Cartel' is presently in postproduction. 

She Now continues to oversee more than a dozen major philanthropic projects including one

particularly close to her heart.

She is a founder-member of a Brazilian team of activists and artists that

have formed UNIAO GAIA, a collective that concentrates on issues affecting the planet. Through

videos and outreach, its' goal is to support the love of the planet through the building of friendships and

shared awareness. She is also a Actress on the Short film ‘ BEFORE SUNRISE’ that was done Durant the quarantine, remotely on a cell phone with director from Brazil, is been selected for many Film Festivals, and becoming a viral on YouTube with more than 40 thousands views. of the short.


What's Next?

As to what comes next, anything is possible. It continues to be an amazing life's journey. 

The little girl from tiny Timbuaba who every day carried the water jugs for miles would not have it any other way.